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He was rumored to be a contender for the final 53-man roster, but was released on September 1 as part of the team's final roster cuts.

On September 11, 2007, Hoag signed a practice roster agreement with the Edmonton Eskimos of Canadian Football League.

Edit: To the person above me, no, he never dated Kate Thompson. 15th, 2009), Ryan moved to the Echo Park area of LA.

He started hanging out with his new neighbours, one of which being Kate Thompson.

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Though neither Keltie nor Ryan have mensioned who this girl is, it is widely speculated that it was with Elizabeth "Z" Berg from the band The Like.He signed a third time on April 5, 2006 and was finally released by Minnesota on September 2, 2006.Hoag was signed by Washington to the practice squad on November 22, 2006 and released by Washington on November 28, 2006.he's now with a woman by the name of kate thompson.you'll see her talking to him via his twitter page on occasion.

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    The song debuted at #23 in early November, where it remained in its second week, before rising to #21 in its third week.

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    Once you’ve got her attention, you need to keep it.

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