Updating ram in ibm thinkpad 600x

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On the following image only the left side of the screen is working properly. All Lenovo T, X and R laptops have several bugs in the BIOS that are being actively fixed by Lenovo.But the reddish video appeared again as soon as I replaced the screen.I guess it happened because the system board had some kind of intermittent problem with onboard video or video connector.

Unfortunately, these lines indicate a screen problem.Sometimes these lines are red, sometimes they are blue, sometimes they become wider and change color to white. On some laptops the video card is integrated into the system board, on other models it’s a separate module.In this example, the vertical lines were caused by a failed video memory on the system board.When your laptop displays inverted colors as on the picture above, this is an indication of a bad screen. On the image below you see a white band running from the top of the screen to the bottom.This band appears right from the laptop startup and runs through the logo too.

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