Updating ipod touch from 1 1 5 to 2 0

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Pro and Management versions include a command-line program, integration with Jamf Pro and Munki, and preference profile management.

Razor SQL is a cross-platform database app from Richardson Software LLC for managing more than 40 different SQL databases via JDBC or ODBC, including My SQL, DB2, DBase, File Maker, Oracle, Open Base, SQLite, Postgre SQL, Sybase, Informix, Mongo DB and more.

Kee Pass XC is a cross-platform password manager that features AES/Twofish encryption with a 256-bit key, a password generator, auto-type, csv import and database merging, website favicon support, and more, including Yubi Key challenge-response support, TOTP generation, DEP and ASLR hardening, and a command-line program.

(See docs and FAQ for more details.) Kee Pass XC 2.3.3 is freely downloadable, open-source donationware for OS X 10.7 and later, as well as Windows and Linux. Etre Check is a Mac troubleshooting and security app from Etresoft (John Daniel) that analyzes many hardware and software details and prepares a report (with personal information removed) detailing configuration information and potential problem areas, such as adware infections (which it can remove), potential malware, third-party kernel extensions and launch daemons; Internet plug-ins; processor and memory hogs; virtual memory usage and more.

Malwarebytes for Mac 3.3.22 is a free installer download for OS X 10.10 and up, offering automatic updates and manually triggered scans.

A Premium option at .99/year (provided free for 30 days on a trial basis) offers automatic ("real-time") scans.

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