Louisiana dating laws

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However, buying a new car can also be a hassle―if you happen to buy a lemon.

In Louisiana, the Attorney General defines a lemon to be a new vehicle that has a defect that is significant enough to severely impair its use or market value.

While the vehicle is being repaired, the purchaser may choose to rent another vehicle.

If so, the manufacturer must reimburse the purchaser up to daily, as long as the vehicle is still covered under the expressed warranty and the repair is to a nonconformity covered in the warranty.

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Louisiana Age Statutes The basics of Louisiana legal ages laws are highlighted in the following chart. 367) Age limits for marrying and other legal acts can change from state to state.

Once you reach your 20's, it's not an issue but now you two are or should be in really different places in terms of maturity.

At your age, two or three years is a huge difference in age.

With a thriving Mardi Gras culture and 24-hour partying in the French Quarter, it is important to know the legal age requirements in a state like Louisiana.

When it comes to the legal system, the line is generally pretty clear when separating minors from adults.

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