Batista is dating melina

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Rumor In this version, Melina and Morrison never broke up, but Morrison allowed or "loaned" Melina to Batista while Batista was still married to his wife (Pro Wrestling Torch, h/t Ringside News).Batista's marriage was ruined, and apparently this held Morrison back from his main event push.I bet many of you would not care and would think "Good for Morrison, and it’s Melina's loss."Or how about if Melina allowed Morrison to "get with" Wilson while she was still married to Peter Gruner?Some of you would no doubt rush to defend Morrison, while others would be disappointed in him.Everyone from that point on believed that as long as Morrison was with Melina, he would never taste WWE Championship gold.The fact is various fans side with me on the true version while a good chunk of fans believe the adultery rumor.Within the wrestling world, fans are the perfect examples of leading the charge of double standards when it comes to their favorite wrestlers and Divas they cheer for relentlessly.

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Morrison took the side of his girlfriend and gave Stratus the cold shoulder through their time working together.

Let's say John Morrison was in Melina's position instead!

Let's say he broke it off with Melina and at that time went and had a fling with Torrie Wilson.

Fans were simply enraged with Melina, as they believed she was forcing Morrison act in that way towards Stratus.

They claim Melina has no place in that match and if any Diva had the right to be in Stratus' place, then it should be Kelly Kelly as she was rumored to be in the match beforehand.

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