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The 37-year-old strolled confidently onto the red carpet seemingly unaware that her make-up artist had been more than a little heavy-handed with the translucent powder, leaving her with a huge white smear across her forehead and chalky remnants around her eyes and nostrils.

Make-up fail: Melissa Joan Hart stepped onto the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of Disney's Frozen on Tuesday seemingly unaware that her make-up artist had been a tad heavy-handed with the translucent powder The actress was alerted to the unsightly marks by Melissa & Joey co-star Taylor Spreitler and was seen giving her temples a furious rub as the 20-year-old directed her - though it only seemed to make matters worst and sadly wasn't pointed out until after she'd already stepped out in front of the flashbulbs.

But if it's thought of at all, the play is mostly remembered for the picket lines outside of City Center (both yea and nay) and the metal detectors at the ticket lines in the lobby (before 9/11). Or feel free to include photos, video, drawings, sculpture, papier-mâché, schematic diagrams, musical homages, interpretive dance and so forth. You need to state a valid research reason to watch these (or other filmed stage productions), although you can say that you're thinking of directing or producing a production or looking for audition material, and that's usually sufficient. Good plays, too -- actually when I saw the play Slattery went on for Anthony Heald and someone else when on for Slattery , so I had missed seeing him nude live and finally caught up.

But the verbal description is the most useful if it comes from live observations. Daniel Anzuelo had an agreement with the play and Actors Equity that his character could have a hard-on when he turned around in a scene in "Intimacy".

So many posts and no mention of DL favorite, David Pevsner. He (and all the rest of the cast) were naked in the off-Broadway comedy PARTY.

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So there he is just sitting naked on the bed right next to me. It was general admission so you chose your seat when you arrived.

Maisel." Saw him in a play called years ago called "Rules of the Universe." I knew the director Daniel Talbott, so I went.

I have a pretty good memory of it because the entire play took place site specifically in a men's toilet, which was memorable enough, but he also had quite a memorable member.

Few years ago Logan Marshall Green was in an off broadway play that took place behind glass. And, by the way, for a man of any age, much less one in his mid-sixties, Jamie still looks amazing in the buff! Maybe not very legitimate but they are excellent exploiters of actors! I see there are warnings about nudity, but haven’t seen anything about who it is.

At one point he was naked and was struggling with other characters and they pressed him up against the glass, right in front of me. Someone in Terrence Mc Nally's The Lisbon Traviata walked on stage naked, but I can't remember who it was. (The performance I saw was also attended by Leonard Bernstein -- in what looked like a full-length sable fur coat -- and a boy toy in very tight leather pants.)This reminds me that Terrence Mc Nally had dick display in a lot of his plays: FRANKIE & JOHNNY, THE LISBON TRAVIATA, LOVE! If Jay Armstrong Johnson is showing peen it might be worth the price of admission - even though I’ve seen his pics and video already. The 2 "great ladys " in Indiscretions were Kathleen Turner and Eileen Atkins.

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